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Community Spirit!

Thu Aug 4, 2005, 5:42 PM
What is more important for you?

Freedom or repression?

I think everybody knows the answer.
Say yes to community spirit!

August 7th: Yellow Day!

Take a look of that `onestar Journal
See the truth in
More details in `bookdiva Journal

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
O que é mais importante para você?

Liberdade ou repressão?

Eu acho que todos sabem a resposta.
Diga sim para o espírito de comunidade!

7 de Agosto: Dia Amarelo!

Dê uma olhada nisso: `onestar Journal
Veja a verdade em
Mais detalhes em `bookdiva Journal



hey friends... I guess it would be nice show weekly some of my favorite artists and their awesome works! if you like, feel free to show them some love! =)

:thumb21244312: _LookingatTheMoment. by darkevil Aly's by jorgepacker

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Tue Aug 2, 2005, 9:47 AM
that's, at least, shocking. for the first time I think DA is missing the community spirit... don't know if you're aware of what is happening...

| |

someone could say that is just one side talking about but... why doesn't the other side simply reply to clarify the things? instead of this, that side seems to be trying to hide the things... hummm, something must be wrong for sure.

well, please follow the link, if you want, and take your conclusions... i already took mine...

!!! respect and support :iconjark: and deviantART's community spirit !!!

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Wed Jul 6, 2005, 9:19 AM
Hey friends,

Sorry if some of my deviations are appearing several times in your message centres... I'm submitting them as prints. That's why this is happening. Sorry again...

I'm working in a vector portrait of Adriana Lima (she's sooo beautiful :love:) and hope to finish it soon =D!

See ya! =)

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hey, hey!

Mon Jun 6, 2005, 4:28 PM
I'm subscriber!
dont' know why, since I didn't buy a subscription, but... :shh: don't tell them... maybe it'll be for one week only...

I've a print account too... this one I'll have forever =D. Hope selling some prints in the near future...

see you all around :hug:  </strong>

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well, it's now time to let the problems away...
at least by now... and keep the things going.

time to back to the drawings =D

thank you all my friends, for everything!

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s**t... still :sick: :runnynose::blownose: cough, those things... and my nose bleeds every time I try to clean it... s**t again...

but at least I'll be in vacation after next Thursday =D
so... lots of work for more two days and then I'll be free!

well, that's all by now... :runnynose: again...


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Hey friends!

The laziness is gone!!! :dance: finally...


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Hello my friends!

I don't have so many reasons to celebrate this year, it was really difficult to me... some bad things happened, some expectations don't be realized... anyway, it wasn't a good year...

...but one good, and really good thing happened!

You! Your receptivity in my arrival here in DA, your support, your friendship. This made my year better, honestly! And made me think... that it's necessary just one good thing, even among a lot of bad things, to we believe that all is possible, to never give up and keep going!

So, sincerely, thank you my friends, thank you for everything!

Have the best Holidays ever, the happiest Christmas and a New Year full of  peace, hope, love, happiness!

:holly: :santa: :xmas: :rudolph: :holly:

A great :hug:
for each one of you!


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Lets say happy birthday to Jani! :iconfendichiq:
She is a great, lovely friend! Extremely helpful, creative and full of ideas, she is one of the best persons that I knew here on DA.

So, go to her gallery and say happy birthday! She deserves it!

If you want to see your stats --->…

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Hello my friends...

I was reading a journal from linderin and I found this interesting thing...
I don't know if you already saw this, but If you are interested in see your stats, follow the… and you'll have some nice information about you on DA.


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It's unbelievable what's happening...
I really don't know how to describe what I'm feeling now...
That's simply amazing...

and I really want to say thank you so much for each one of you my friends!

Thank you Cris :iconcrisvector: for the suggestion,
Thank you Matt :iconvoodoo-prophet: for the featuring,
Thank you Chris :icondsnmgr: for your support,
Thank you so much sweety Jani :iconfendichiq: for everything! :cuddle:

and thank you so much all of you my friends...
:iconturp:, :iconwebthi:, :iconyuumurakirika:, :iconblindfive:, :iconjde:, :iconlinderin:, :iconacqua:, :iconcolourfool: and all of you that are in my list, my friends, all of you! The old ones, the new ones that are coming... thank you.

It's because of you, your comments, that I always learn and feel encouraged to do more and more and more! It's because of you that these good things happens!!!

Thank you so much my friends! Thank you so much!

a big:hug:

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I'm a member of :iconvectorizers: now!